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Sunday, August 5, 2012

What Made You Decide to Homeschool?

This is a question I have been asked quite a lot this past year. You see, I have been very vocal about my choice and it's getting people more curious and that is making me happy. So to answer this question, here's why I'm homeschooling.

  1. Andrea went to a progressive preschool and they are taught lessons based on their skill levels. At the age of 4 she has learned everything she needed to learn for preschool and was already touching on Grade 1 lessons. So now, I am torn between sending her back to preschool and having her go through the stuff she has already learned (or learn things she will eventually have to study again when she goes to big school). This would mean I would pay the school to teach her something she already knows. This sounds pretty illogical to me. I looked at my options and I found homeschooling. I have always been curious about it and the more I read about it, the more I fell in love. The beauty is that I get this one year as a sort of trial period. If it doesn't work for us, I send her back to school. If it works for us, then I continue homeschooling her.
  2. The lack of character education in kids nowadays. I think my daughter is smart. 98% of parents feel the same. It's our contractual obligation as parents to think our kids are the best! =) However, I know that all of the talents and skills God gave my daughter will be useless if I don't help mold her character. It will be incredibly hard (but not impossible) for me to do this if she is spending 80% of her waking time in school. 
  3. My cousin sends her kid to an exclusive school. She spend 120k a year on basic expense (not including around 35k on service, baon, school supplies, etc). the kid spends around 5 hours in school. then goes home to study for 3 hours with my cousin. There's a lot of frustration during these sessions because they are both tired. I spend the same amount of time homeschooling my daughter. So why the hell would I spend more to have someone teach my child only to have to augment the teaching for 3 hours daily. It doesn't make sense.
  4. The rains/typhoons don't affect our curriculum =) 
  5. We get to go on trips without cancelling classes. 
  6. I get to see my daughters weakness/character flaws and actively work on them. 
  7. I see my own weakness and character flaws and actively work on them. 

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