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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Don't Mess with my Chocolate

You will not believe how badly I reacted to the chocolate my husband made me buy. You see, I was buying a particular brand for a certain recipe. It's something I've planned for for some time. I don't usually spend at home but I promised my daughter I'd make some for her and her dad (and of course for myself) this weekend.

I set aside money for it, I asked my husband to drive me to the grocery which sells that particular brand. When we got to the grocery, my husband started telling me to buy a different brand. That brand was on sale but ultimately buying it would still cost more than buying the brand I wanted. I told him no because it might taste different but despite my constant refusal...he kept badgering me until I obliged.

When I got home, I made the "dish" and it tasted different. I was so annoyed it was unbelievable.  I know I was being petty but every single time I tasted the product it got me more and more riled up. I wanted to buy it because I've tried it and I liked it. I was looking forward to it and now I'm so freaking disappointed.

I guess i can forgive a lot of things...but please don't mess with my chocolates. teehee

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