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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tea-d Off

I am obsessed with tea at this moment. This started when a friend gifted us with the yummiest organic tea. I decided I wanted to learn how to brew tea properly. A few tries and I had the perfect tea concoction (which much to the chagrin of everyone, I refuse to share with anyone, not even with Ruy). My brewed tea is restaurant quality....I kid you not. My husband can drink obscene amounts of my concoction.

I love re-inventing my concoctions, I now have 5 varieties of my brewed tea and I am looking for more ways to re-invent them. I often find my inspiration from the newly sprouting Tea Houses in and around the metro.

I found my inspiration today in Starbucks. I decided to try something different by ordering my Basic Black Tea with a shot of Almond Syrup.  It resulted in a tea which seemed richer and more decadent but nowhere near as fattening as your normal latte.

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