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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Letting My Hair Down

I have been out of the rat race corporate world for almost 3 years and so having to spend 16 hours in corporate attire, complete with severely pulled back hair, held together with bobby pins and a fully made-up face was as close to torture as I've gotten lately. I love training and I love the fact that I get to earn doing something I love without having to spend 12 hours in the office like I used to...but the outfit, of dear God the outfit.

In order to celebrate my freedom from the balls and chains of corporate aesthetics I decided to let my hair down today....literally and figuratively.

Pardon the severely dazed look. Having an hour of sleep can do that to you. Why did I have only an hour of sleep?

Freelance training + MA Studies (I had a report) + Volunteer Work

+ Motherhood + Facebook Addiction = No Sleep

That's my formula for not getting any sleep. How do I counter this? I put on a tank top, my comfiest cardi, my softest jeans and comfy flats.  Rub off any trace of make-up on my face, put my hair down and cuddle with my baby.

There are times when I miss the fast-paced life of being a corporate hotshot but nothing and I mean NOTHING, beats the unlimited access to cuddles being a SAHM has.

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