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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Book Recommendation: Who Was Helen Keller

I am so grateful that Andrea's not into princesses. She once told me that "Princesses are boring they don't do anything but stay in the castle. I want to be a knight and keep the kingdom safe"

Unfortunately most books available for young girls involve either princesses or girls who are obsessed with fashion or being fancy and prissy. While I see no problem with these characters in moderation I do wish for better role models for my daughter. 

I was beyond excited therefore to find this series of books:

It is a biography of famous people in history written for kids.  The language used is simple enough to understand: 

The spacing between words and paragraphs make it perfect for early readers. The biography is also broken down into short chapters that would be easily digestible by young kids. 

There are also lots of illustrations to help kids better understand the concept being discussed.  I personally highlighted words I knew my daughter would struggle with in order for us to remember to discuss them with each other.

There are also pages focused on discussing or teaching various concepts related to the story.

At the end of the book they present a timeline showing the important events of the person's life.  

Amazon claims this book is for 8 years old and older but I think younger kids who are voracious readers would also appreciate and love this book. My daughter's crazy about it and couldn't put it down. 

I purchased this book in Fully Booked For 210 pesos and I think it is well worth price!

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