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Monday, September 8, 2014


I look at my graduate school classmates and wonder how they can go to school with a tiny bag. I am incapable of doing this. When I go to school I have at least 3 pouches in my bag (which by the way is a huge backpack). The over-packer in me squealed in delight when I saw this pouch.

I was drawn to the beautiful mint color and the chevron pattern.

Look at how cute it is? I call it my pencil case on steroids. It holds everything I need when I go to work or go to school. When you look inside you will see that there are 3 compartments that perfectly hold all my office supplies. The top two are more flat and are covered by a transparent plastic, while the bottom container is much roomier and can hold thicker objects.

A view of the inside compartments. 
On the top part I put all my regular writing instruments. I have a Pilot Super Grip 0.7 Mechanical Pencil, a Pilot Mechanical Pencil Lead, and a plain Faber Castell eraser. I also carry 2 black pens (the orange one is  gift from my sister) and one red pen I use for emphasis or for checking my daughter’s homeschooling work.  Lastly, I always have a highlighter with me.

On the next part I have my planner essentials. I have 5 Staedtler Triplus Fineliner (Pink, Yellow, Orange, Blue and Black). I use these just to make planning more fun for me. I also store mini Post-its in pink, yellow, orange and blue. This is where I write my to-dos for the day. I usually color code in this way:
  • Pink – Personal and family tasks
  • Yellow – My daughter’s tasks and homeschooling tasks
  • Orange – Work tasks (for counseling, coaching and training)
  • Blue – School tasks

The codes are the same codes found in my online calendar, tablet, phone and planner. I like storing my sticky notes here because I go crazy when the post-its start unraveling and the pages stick to other things in my purse. This way they remain neat and tidy.

At the bottom pouch I have a mishmash of supplies. I have my huge white-out from Dong-A. I don’t particularly like this cause it’s so unnecessarily bulky BUT at least this has a stand so you can prop it up on your table when you need it. The tip also swivels which makes it easy to manipulate when you are erasing things. I also carry my page markers/flags for when I’m reading books and journals. I also have my tiny pink scissors. I like carrying scissors but somehow I find that I always need scissors when I don’t have one BUT, when I have it with me I never seem to need it. Does this happen to anyone else? I also keep my lucky presenter. I use this for trainings and I LOVE IT. It was a present from my husband during the first seminar I gave and I just don’t want to replace it…ever. I also have my cute purple ruler.

Lastly, I keep binder clips and paperclips attached to my calling card because I hate having them flopping around my bag. This way they are neat and contained.

I am so enamored by how handy this is and how convenient it is to have all my supplies conveniently at my reach. I AM IN LOVE. 

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