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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Homeschooling Helper

My daughter went to a great progressive preschool for 2 years before starting homeschooling for her Prep year. It's great in a way, because she has learned so much in that school. The drawback is that, I am now forced to "re-teach" things she has already learned because that's the required curriculum for Prep. 

The academic adviser was kind enough to really help me customize Andrea's lessons more fitting her strengths and weaknesses. For example, she wasn't given a reading text book because her reading level is already way past what is required. Instead, we were advised to read her longer story books instead. 

I realized that more than the lessons I need to teach her this year. I want to mold her character and her independence.  I have taken to leaving her when she works but she always goes to me to ask if she's already completed the pages for that day so I decided to use my handy dandy (and very colorful) flags.

Basically, our arrangement has been:

  • Blue - Monday
  • Green - Tuesday
  • Yellow - Wednesday
  • Pink - Thursday
  • Orange - Friday

SHE LOVES IT. She has this sense of satisfaction every time she gets to peel off the flag after finishing the activity. 

We use it for her daily bible reading. 

For her textbooks. 

And even for her story books!

And guess what, I use these flags for my books as well.

I bought those flags for only 20 pesos and I've been using it incessantly and I have barely made a dent on it!

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