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Monday, August 31, 2015

Thinking About Our Legacy

One day, I was stuck in a hotel room channel surfing when the show Who Do You Think You Are? caught my eye. You see we don't have cable at home and we barely watch television so I have never heard of this show before.

I told Ruy about it because it combines things we both love. I am a psychologist and I love stories of families while Ruy is a nut for history. So we started watching this show and Ruy ended up loving it even more than I did.  One night he saw an episode featuring J.K. Rowling. Now my daughter is a huge fan of J.K. Rowling and  so they sat together and watched the episode. One part of the episode saw JK Rowling talking to people who were explaining the accomplishments of J.K. Rowling's great great grandfather. I then asked my daughter "In the future when we're all in heaven and your great grandchildren are learning about you, what would you want them to find out about you?"

To be honest that question was experimental. I wasn't sure if my daughter at the age of 8 can grasp the gravity and importance of that question. I was basically asking her what she would like her legacy to be! She warmed my heart when she said "I want them to know that I worked hard". That's a nice legacy.

Wasn't it Stephen Covey who said that we have to begin with the end in mind? I know this in theory but I often forget that I'm thankful for shows like this that remind me of this. I often fixate on my life now that I don't worry about my earthly and my spiritual legacy. With that I decided to be more mindful in my actions. Are my actions going to bring me closer to my desired legacy or not?

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