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Friday, April 26, 2013

A Mother's Wants

A single friend of mine was chatting with me over Viber about what it's like to have kids. She asked about so many thngs but one thing stood out.

She said mothers have told her in the past that she's lucky to be single as she gets todo what she wants. I disagree with this thinking. I know that what has changed in me when I became a mother is not my own ability to get or do the things I want rather it is my idea of what I actually want.

From enjoying glamorous parties and trips I now look forward to quiet and messy mornings watching movies while snugging in bed. Or finger painting or watching your kids swim or learn a new craft. And i can honestly say that I get more pleasure in these things over the things I used to do.

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  1. completely true. i'm a shadow of my former self. i've changed so much i dont recognize myself. i find pleasure in the very things i used to think were pathetic except now i find they invigorate me like no other. things i used to not enjoy, i enjoy bec of my kids. although, they CAN be a pain and they do pose restrictions. motherhood is not without sacrifices. but for each one, even the sacrfice is already a reward in itself. eg) i sacrifice my love for staying home to travel with the kids, and i actually enjoy it.