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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My Name is Liv and I am an Addict

There, I've said it. Yes I was, and still am, an office supply junkie. I thought I got over my addiction but I'm just a sucker for cute things. Minimalist I am not...I have come to terms with this fact. In the past month I have purchased things for no other reason other than that they were freaking cute.

This calculator is a perfect example. Do I need it? No! But it's so freaking different and  Cath Kidson-ish that I had to ask my husband to buy it. Luckily he obliged ;p 

Another thing I didn't need, this Tumbler. Why did I buy it? Because it came in my ultimate favorite color (white) and my current favorite color (aqua). 

This was my worst haul. I came in to buy a piece of plane transparent folder and came back with all of these...simply cause they were cute. 

Oh dear God. Is there a medication for this?

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