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Friday, April 26, 2013

A Mother's Wants

A single friend of mine was chatting with me over Viber about what it's like to have kids. She asked about so many thngs but one thing stood out.

She said mothers have told her in the past that she's lucky to be single as she gets todo what she wants. I disagree with this thinking. I know that what has changed in me when I became a mother is not my own ability to get or do the things I want rather it is my idea of what I actually want.

From enjoying glamorous parties and trips I now look forward to quiet and messy mornings watching movies while snugging in bed. Or finger painting or watching your kids swim or learn a new craft. And i can honestly say that I get more pleasure in these things over the things I used to do.

Glass Water Bottles by Life Factory

I love water. I can drink a whole lot of water in a day. When I was pregnant I was asked to drink 3 liters of water daily (I had Oligohydramnios) and I had no problem doing so. The problem is, I would drink water only when it's within reach. Once the water is a few meters away, I would totally forget about it and spend half a day without even taking a sip of water. It's horrible I know.

For the past two years, I have been obsessing over water bottles. I love having portable cups, portable bottles, etc. The problem is I always, always put other things in these containers. I put coffee, coconut water, lemon water, shakes, etc and all my containers end up smelling and tasting a bit funky after about half a year. Life Factory water bottles solved this dilemma for me.

I found out about Life Factory while watching Organized Jen in youtube. I got curious cause I found the design super cute. The more I read about it, the more I realized just how perfect it is for me. First, it's made of glass which is recyclable (yay, it's good for the environment). Second, because it is made of glass, it doesn't retain flavor and smells from drinks. Third, the silicone wrapping makes it super cute and safe even for kids (the small one's for Andrea). So I loved it in theory already and I went crazy when I found them in Manila.

Here's what makes them great in my opinion:

I like that it has marks on one side showing both liters and ounces. This makes it easier to really keep track of your liquid intake.

I like that a big part of it is clear enough for you to see just how much water you have left. It also helps keeping it clean as you can clearly see if there are any yucky stuff still left.

While the more common model is the kind where you have to unscrew the entire lid to drink, I very much prefer this flip top cover for convenience sake. I must say, I am a bit nervous because it has more moving parts and moving parts are more prone to wear and tear. There have also been some comments/reviews on the flip top model stating that it's prone to leaking but I have not experienced that problem at all.

Lastly, I love the wide open spout which makes cleaning a breeze. Oh, and I can very easily put chunks of ice in as well without any issue.

All in all I have nothing but love for these water bottles and I believe it's well worth the cost. Fortunately neither my daughter nor I have dropped our bottles so we can't really say if they can withstand such impact but I would say that it's more than enough for the normal wear and tear of our every day life.