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Monday, June 4, 2012

Painting Bread with Kids

I talked about a fun activity my daughter and I did over here. I've had a lot of questions regarding the kind of paint I used so I decided to write it here.

Here are the things you would need for this activity:

- Bread
- Condensed Milk
- Food Color (I used Red, Yellow and Blue)
- Various small bowls for each color
- Sticks for mixing each color
- Clean paint brush

1. Put two tablespoons of condensed milk on each bowl.
2. Add four drops of liquid food coloring (I use Mc Cormick) for each primary color (Blue, Red, Yellow)
3. The intermediate colors would require different proportions, feel free to play around with them, we used the following: Orange - 4 drops yellow, 2 drops red; Violet -- 2 drops blue, 4 drops red; Green -- 2 drops blue, 3 drops yellow.
4. Mix the colors together using a stick. If you want the color to be lighter, add a bit more condensed milk...this is art not science. Feel free to play around with the materials.
5.  Get a clean paint brush and start painting your bread.

6. When your bread masterpieces are done. Just toast....and eat!!

Your kids will go crazy with this activity. =)

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